In times of rapid growth of the broadband and digital technologies and services we came to a need for common presentation and joining of all the available resources in order broader education of not only the Macedonian, but also the markets that belong to the region of Southeast Europe. When we talk about education, we involve a wider range of activities, which include carrying out national strategies, their implementation and development, involvement in the adoption of appropriate legislative tools, regulation, and development of existing and opening new investment opportunities in the sector, as well as informing and educating the decision factor in the Telco operators and end users with the social impact and benefit from the development of broadband and digital services.

The founding of the association “SEEBC- South East Europe Broadband Council”, established in May 2012, in Skopje, by several experts and companies working in the field of electronic communications, as initiative, it has a goal to summarize and to give a functional form of all the above.

The rapid development of broadband services and rapid digitalization creates a need for a place where people can exchange their ideas and solutions.

The mission of SEEBC is to give the opportunity for high performance knowledge exchange in the region. SEEBC believes that high-speed, high-capacity broadband connections to the internet and digitalization are essential element in the modern society, offering wide social and economic benefits. Its mission is to promote the adoption od broadband-friendly practice and policies so that people can take advantage of the benefits broadband has to offer.

SEEBC, by organizing business meetings, regular communication with the government institutions as well as relevant regional regulators, lectures and trainings, conferences and collaboration with other relevant organizations in the region and the world, has started with the implementation and realization of its main strategy “Supporting the development of the broadband and digital services”.

As a key tool in the process of realization on the specified strategy, SEEBC organizes central annual event, a conference and exhibition, which together should unit all stakeholders involved in broadband and digital services development.