Macedonia as part of EU integration legislation, like all other countries from the SEE region, has implemented the principles of the EU’s regulatory framework for communications, established an independent regulator and set out a number of provisions to provide for a competitive telecom market. The fixed telephony market has been liberalized.

Broadband services are available via DSL, fiber, cable and wireless and the incumbent has launched IPTV services in competition with well-established cable TV operators.

Broadband Access in the region shows that ADSL-based access still remains dominant. However, CATV-based broadband access and radio access are also increasingly important.

All conference and exhibition participants will have the opportunity to promote and discuss their future goals through information exchange, networking, commerce, interaction and more. Government officials will be united in defining the social importance of broadband technology, regulatory bodies will exchange experiences, global vendors will present their technological achievements in front of major decision makers and investors will enter new markets with opportunities.